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GHRP Peptide

Brand: Hilma Biocare EU Model: HILMA-GHRP-2
Unit Size: 10 mg per vial.GHRP-2 is a synthetic ghrelin analogue. Like ghrelin, it stimulates release of endogenous growth hormone from somatotropes in the anterior pituitary; also like ghrelin, it is synergistic with endogenous growth hormone releasing-hormone (GHRH) as well as with synthetic G..
Brand: Hilma Biocare EU Model: HILMA-GHRP-6
Unit Size: 10 mg per vial.GHRP-6 peptide which is structurally very similar to its predecessor, GHRP-2 The main difference is that the GHRP-6 increases appetite in some people. Both peptides can be used together to achieve better synergistic effects. Studies have shown that the highest concentra..
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